DIY/do it yourself dinosaur – T-Rex



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This is a paper lover's dream: 3D Papercraft Dinosaur T-Rex, also known as Tyrannosaurus.

This detailed DIY/DIY craft kit requires hands-on work to complete. But a successful installation is rewarded every time compliments are given.


  • Final size: 800 x 350 x 200 mm
  • The craft set with detailed shapes and stunning design will provide hours of crafting fun
  • And it will turn heads in any living room, children's room, shop, office, event, business space, etc. Papercraft T-Rex magically transforms any space.
  • Recommended age 14+
  • But designed for everyone - cut, fold and paste the pieces, it just takes patience and time
  • Attention to detail - every component is designed with attention to detail
  • Beautiful design - each of the 3D paper craft models is a work of art


A timeless masterpiece - this 3D Papercraft T-Rex never gets old. It really deserves a place in the living room or somewhere else. After all, it lasts a long time.

Hours of Fun:
🌼 Everyone has good skills with this set
🌼 Enjoy the fun of collecting
🌼 Create a unique design piece
🌼 Successful editing will be rewarded

Anyone can do it:
✅ Beautifully designed DIY kit
✅ Just cut, fold and stick
✅ Final size: 800 x 350 x 200 mm
✅ Step by step instructions with pictures
✅ Recommended age 14+

PLEASE NOTE: Due to shipping restrictions, glue is not included - sorry!
Standard white glue, a liquid glue stick or quick drying glue will do.

Gift Idea:
This 3D Papercraft model with its amazing design is a great gift for any occasion, birthday, gift for friend, son or daughter, father or mother, grandfather or grandmother. At least it gets a lot of attention and it's decorative too!

Volka DIY Craft Kits levers kit:
• Building boards made of cardboard
• Cutting mat
• Fold level
• Cutting ruler
• Hobby knife
• User Manual

This product is delivered from the warehouse in the Netherlands and therefore the shipping time will be 3-4 working days.