Safe2Touch - Hand disinfection - 200 ml



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The product is provided with foam / foam dispensers, which give a good feeling and distribution of the product on the hands.

Our hand disinfectants are non-alcoholic, and when tested according to European standards, a great effect against bacteria and viruses has been demonstrated.

Safe2Touch removes 99.99% viruses such as coronavirus.

In dermatological 24-hour tests, Safe2Touch passes, while alcohol-based products do not.

Safe2Touch is gentle on the skin and can be used indefinitely for daily hand hygiene - completely without unpleasant skin nuisances.

The product contains glycerin which cares for and moisturizes the skin.

Safe2Touch hand sanitizer contains water (as a carrier), active substance (bactericidal) and glycerin (to soften the skin).

The bottle is equipped with an atomizer which converts the product into foam. 

Safe2Touch does not smell of alcohol, as it is not alcohol-based, but is a water-based biocidal product that is naturally odorless.

For the sake of the skin, Safe2Touch is fragrance-free.

In this way, there is no risk of allergic reaction to perfume and the product is thus usable for more users.

Alcohol-based products are flammable and must therefore be stored and transported with great care.

Safe2Touch does not have this problem as it is water based.

Therefore, it is far easier to transport and store safely and securely than the alcohol-based alternatives on the market.

Proven effect according to European standards of accredited independent laboratories:

  • EN 1500 - Bactericidal - Human Hygiene
  • EN 13727 - Bactericidal with 10 seconds effect
  • EN 14476 - Virus killing in max 60 seconds
  • Gentle on the skin - Dermatologically tested

Furthermore, the product is manufactured at an ISO certified production plant in accordance with quality EN ISO 9001: 2015 and environment EN ISO 14001: 2015.

Read documentation about the product her.