Fly and insect scares - both for indoor and outdoor use - Battery operated - Pack of 2


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Ingenious invention to scare flies and other insects away from the table.


  • A practical ventilating fly repellent
  • Chases away flies and other insects, both indoors and outdoors
  • The ideal solution for the table, barbecue or picnic
  • With the option to hang from a branch or ceiling as well
  • The propellers have reflexes that scare away the insects. makes them stay away
  • The built-in Li-ion battery can be charged with an included USB cable
  • Soft so touch during operation does not harm people or livestock
  • Black model - Height approx. 24 cm, diameter of approx. 8.5 cm and weight of 0.2 kg

The two scarecrows are pushed together so that they do not take up much space during transport. Before use, pull them out to their full length until they click. It is not possible to clap them back together.